FaceBook Censoring Legal Gun Discussions


I believe FaceBook can be a great tool for social interaction with those of like mind and opposing views.  As of late it has turned into a bastion of negativity but I still enjoy the discussion with those in one of my common interests…. Firearm Groups.  These groups are for law abiding citizens to discuss likes, dislikes, problems, and tips and tricks for safe use of your firearm.  As you can see below FaceBook is in fact censoring free speech.  I would love to see your comments.  


The social media news story of the week is the massive leak of internal Facebook content moderation policies – which has focused, unsurprisingly, on sex and graphic violence.

But amid the flood of content on which Facebook has issued guidelines for its overstretched army of moderators, the one pertaining to guns has got relatively little attention:


The restrictions around how you can depict and discuss firearms on the network is weirdly harsh – especially given that elsewhere the network has taken a lax approach to threats of violence, and even live broadcasts of suicide.

Facebook will let you depict a gun without comment, and also depict a gun in the context of hunting.


But expressing any desire to buy a gun will get you banned – even if the purpose of ownership is apparently benign.


Anyone can understand why Facebook would remove images of guns linked to threats of violence against people.

You can also see why they might not want people to start using Facebook as an underground marketplace for selling their old guns.

…via Facebook is Censoring Legal Discussion of Guns – Heat Street


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